Alpha St Kitchen & Bar -Te kotinga mai i te moana. Harvest from the sea

Coromandel oysters, smoked kahawai, pickled red sea chicory, Urenika potato, horopito fry bread, pikopiko salt.

We wanted to create a dish that celebrates the scope of the Waikato region incorporating two coasts and highlighting how bountiful it is (especially at this time of year).

At this time of the year oysters are at their best and a great treat from the sea. In our dish we have explored different cooking methods one of which is pickling to ensure bounty over the winter. While the use of fry bread and herbs adds a zesty and flavourful profile. We also use traditional ingredients harvested at this time of year in new more modern way to keep these ingredients relevant in a modern restaurant setting but nod to the heritage behind them. 

43 Alpha Street, Cambridge