Dough Bros - Halloumi & Honey Baklava, warm date caramel, feijoa, kawakawa and pistachio ice

Head Chef Claire Merrie (a Waikato girl through and through) has a sweet tooth - hence Dough Bros dessert dish entry in this years competition.

Honey is a natural product only attained on the premise of hard, equal work of many with tireless enthusiasm for the greater good. This is no different from our ethos of solidarity in knowledge sharing. We hope to work with many to make the Waikato a busy, better and sweeter place to be. This is the basis of our dish. We use Sweetree honey, locally and lovingly sourced from cared hives. We wanted to incorporate a local cheese; Over The Moon halloumi to give an indulgent note to our dessert.

In consultation with the team here at Dough Bros around an additional element for the dish (more of a "what's growing in your backyard?" conversation) we decided upon feijoas from family holdings to make an ice cream with pistachio and kawakawa, tying flavours from across the world; an ode to the melting pot of which the Waikato and New Zealand is. A dessert to bring people together.

250 Victoria St, Hamilton