The Food Bowl - Drying Technology Workshop


Drying Technology Workshop

Wednesday 22nd - Thursday 23rd May 2019

Understand the drying technologies used across the food and feed industries and how we can use that understanding to improve current processes and products, or design and select new systems that are both effective and efficient. This workshop will combine the practical perspective of experienced industry professionals with the in-depth technical knowledge of drying processes.

Topics to be covered:
Day One:
- Water activity in products
- Quality and preservation
- Drying process efficiency
- Basics of drying theory and practical application
- Different types of drying systems
- Principles of psychrometrics
- Heat & mass balance techniques to analyse and design drying processes
- Practical examples
-"Drying Facilities and Technologies in New Zealand" presented by Prof. Richard Archer

Day Two:
- More advanced drying concepts
- How drying curves can be modelled and predicted based on real data
- Case studies to demonstrate practical application of the theory

The workshop will be delivered by Gordon Young and Dennis Forte of FiE and FoodStream, an Australian company which has run practical training programs across Australia, Thailand and New Zealand for almost 20 years. All participants will receive comprehensive hard copies of the workshop notes.

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